Ezza Rose - "Jacob" CD Digipak

The photography and everything for the cover was practically done before I came along, so my role in the design of this album was to make edits to the photos to make them look more uniform. There were white edges around the border of the front image which I transformed using the texture already provided from the photograph. I had a lot of fun working on this for Ezza. My favorite aspect that I designed was the CD tray which included a photo of Ezza and her bandmates in big pile of leaves. I used the same photo on the CD, and when placed into the tray, the two perfectly align.

Front of digipak album. Photography by Cooper Reid.

Back cover of digipak album.

Full view of digipak album.

Inside view of digipak with CD tray and liner notes.

Closeup view of CD art and liner notes.

CD art aligns with the tray artwork when put into place.

CD art and CD tray side-by-side.