Helen Chaya – “I Am Not Thinking of War Today” Deluxe CD

For her album artwork, Portland folk singer Helen Chaya gave me a portrait a friend of hers had sketched that I made into a silk screen design for printing on canvas and cardboard. For the canvas, I used a two color split fountain method with black and red inks giving every canvas print a 100% unique look.

  • Role Graphic Designer & Screen Printer
  • For Helen Chaya
  • Date March 2013
  • Type CD Packaging, Silk-Screen Printing, Illustration
  • URL helenchaya.bandcamp.com/

2-Color split fountain silk screen print onto sewn canvas CD sleeve.

Track listing and Gorbie logo.

Stumptown Arigato! Pak in canvas CD sleeve.

2-Color screen print on Arigato! Pak

Track listing and track credits

On CD printing & duplication done by Cravedog in Portland, Oregon.