Jon Ransom – “On A Lark” Deluxe CD

This is the second print run of my first solo album “On A Lark”. I made everything by hand, starting with the cloth covers that I screen printed and sewed myself. The cardboard cd cases, that I also screen printed on, were from Stumptown Printers. I made 50 total cardboard cases and 35 of them with unique cloth cases.

Hand screen printed and sewn cloth case with Stumptown Fremont Folder

Cloth case back view with track listing

Back cover of Fremont Folder

Inside view of Fremont Folder

Closeup of screen printed 'Sky Lark' illustration

Closeup - excerpt from epic poem 'The Divine Comedy' by Dante Alighieri

Illustration of 'The Empyrean - Rose of Heaven' from "Dante's Paradiso" by Gustave Dore

Inside view of Fremont Folder